Philip Hubertus
Smart things have been said. They inspire me. Here is one of them.
What am I listening to?
Here are my latest "loved tracks" on
Baby, by Koop
Black Part Love, by Selah Sue
Brand Nu, by Soopasoul
Strike Hard, by Trouble Man
Linda Cancao, by Barrio Jazz Gang
Walking Home Through The Park, by Aim
Got Any R&B?, by Me&You
Automn dreamy, by Azaxx
Arroz Com Feijao, by Saravah Soul
Panama City, by The Quantic Soul Orchestra
What am I thinking about?
What am I working on?
I'm the Product Manager for the Geocoder service at HERE, a Nokia Business.
So what is a geocoder service you may wonder?
A geocoder finds an address or resolves a geo-location into an address to give people orientation on where addresses and locations are, what they look at on a map, or where they are themselves.
It enables businesses to make smarter decisions and design processes based on the location of customers and assets.
Please visit to learn more about the product.
My role is primarily outbound focused. I take the product to market and support sales activities by preparing and communicating product materials. I explain the value and benefits of technical product features to a user and business audience. I use customer feedback and do additional market research to translate user and business needs into product stories, so the team can build and improve the product against these. I analyze the business side of the product looking at questions like: What are the revenues created with the product? What is the usage and value of features? What do sales teams need to sign up customers? How can the bottom line be increased? With these insights I define product vision and mission, focus areas, and context to ensure that the product team works towards a common goal.
Before working on location services I spend over 7 years in the digital marketing space. I served clients and managed teams for the leading global agencies Razorfish and MRM Worldwide.
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